Capital Women's Network

Supporting Women ~ Ensuring Success

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Capital Women's Network was established in Tallahassee, Florida in 1978. It was started as part of a conscious and concerted effort to help women advance in business, the professions, and government during an era when women were just beginning to diverge from their traditional roles in the American workforce and move into management, law, accounting, medicine, and even politics.


• Develop and maintain supportive networks among members through mutual understanding, esteem and good fellowship. • Encourage the development of career opportunities and promote the acceptance of women in business, the professions, the public sector and other positions of responsibility. • Foster high ethical standards in business, the professions and the public sector. • Stimulate an active and informed interest in public affairs.

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The mission of the Capital Women’s Network is to provide networking opportunities for women that foster leadership positions, professional development and community recognition.

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